Safeguarding Your Investment: The First Trademarked Cylinders by AST

At Alien System Technologies (AST), our commitment to delivering products of exceptional quality and reliability extends to trademarking the design of our Pyroshield® cylinders. Ensuring the safety of your organisation, buildings, and personal well-being is our enduring commitment, spanning the entire lifespan of our products.

The Safeguarding Trademarked Cylinders

AST goes a step further in protecting your investment by being the first company to have received a get-up trademark on the Pyroshield cylinders. This not only represents a commitment to quality but also serves as a recognition of the unique and distinctive features that set our products apart in the industry.

Expertise, Compliance, and Peace of Mind

1. Emphasising the Role of Trained Technicians:

Our trained technicians bring specialised knowledge and skills crucial for the correct installation of AST’s fire extinguishing and detection systems. Their expertise guarantees installations that adhere to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) design specifications and industry best practices.

Warranty Compliance:
AST, mandates that installations, commissioning and service maintenance be conducted solely by certified fire technicians to maintain warranty coverage. Opting for certified professionals safeguards your investment, providing a safety net in case of equipment malfunction.

Insurance Requirements:
Certain insurance policies stipulate installations by certified technicians. Choosing certified professionals ensures compliance with insurance requirements, mitigating the risk of coverage being repudiated during a claim.

2. Importance of Proper Inspection and Refilling:

As the first company to get a get-up trademark on their its IG55 fire extinguishing cylinders in South Africa, AST stresses that beyond installation, the proper inspection and refilling of Pyroshield® bottles are equally crucial. We highly recommend to our clients, and systems end-users to entrust this task to AST-trained technicians to mitigate potential risks associated with incorrect procedures.

Impersonation Warning

It has come to our attention that certain unscrupulous companies may attempt to impersonate AST. We strongly caution our clients against such impersonation attempts and emphasise the importance of verifying the credentials of any company claiming to represent AST.

Cylinders Filling Protocol

For optimal safety and performance, AST recommends that cylinders be filled only by an AST-trained fire technician or by AST themselves. This ensures that the stringent quality and safety standards are maintained throughout the entire process.

Verify AST Accreditation

To verify the accreditation of an installer or integrator claiming to represent AST or to request a copy of our trademark registration document, please contact us directly:

Call: 011 949 1157 (Sales)

The Cost of Cutting Corners

While the lure of short-term financial gains may make non-approved fire engineering firms seem enticing, the potential long-term consequences far outweigh these immediate benefits. At AST, we strongly urge our valued clients to prioritise certified technicians for installation, inspection, and refilling.

Your Safety Depends on Your Choices

Neglecting these critical steps could lead to disaster precisely when you rely on your fire detection or suppression system the most. Your safety, the protection of your assets, and your peace of mind hinge on making the right choices in safeguarding your AST Fire equipment.


In conclusion, choosing non-approved fire engineering firms to handle AST Fire equipment poses significant risks. We emphasise the importance of certified technicians for installation, inspection, and refilling to maintain reliability, warranty compliance, and adherence to insurance requirements

As you make decisions regarding your fire protection systems, remember: your safety and peace of mind depend on the choices you make today. Opt for the expertise and commitment of AST-trained technicians to ensure that your AST Fire equipment, with trademarked cylinders, performs at its highest level when you need it the most.

Thank you for choosing Alien System Technologies for your fire protection needs. Your safety is our priority.

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