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Room integrity testing

Alien Systems and Technologies (AST) is the first company in Africa to offer room integrity testing (RIT). The company’s performance in the industry is supported by its highly qualified, specialised team, which works closely with Retrotec, the world’s leading manufacturer of building diagnostic tools. AST provides tailor-made fire protection solutions and extinguishing systems. RIT forms the core of this service, focusing on the secure retainment of gaseous agents in protected spaces, ensuring all rooms at hand are meticulously tested for their integrity.

RIT is a simple and effective way to measure the potential leakage of a confined space. AST adheres to its own protocal to ensure that the space is fully prepared prior to testing. In order to retain a gaseous fire suppression agent, the walls and slabs are inspected for leakage points and all areas of concern are pressure sealed and fitted with fire retardant materials.

A large fan is then installed to pressurise the room being tested. The air speed is then adjusted according to flow pressure to obtain the equivalent pressure exerted during a fire suppression system charge. Once achieved, the room is depressurised by reversing the fan to draw the air from the space. The pressure readings are then evaluated to calculate the leakage area.

Room integrity testing by AST

This method successfully determines the worst case leakage potential for a room, drawing air throughout the space in order to predict the descending interface of the suppression agent. The concentration hold-time is identified by the length of time taken for the descending compound to reach the minimum protected height.

Fire extinguishing systems require this mandatory service every 12 months, forming part of the new guide to the national building regulations. Same-day response times for repairs and re-rests, cost-effective compliance tests to the necessary standard, as well as onsite diagnoses of leakage areas form a few of the key benefits of room integrity testing.

A comprehensive design service is offered by AST, including a client consultation to determine the level of detection or protection needed, as well as a design that meets insurance company specifications. Its team of highly qualified fire and mechanical engineers designs the tailor-made system, provides build-layouts and schematic drawings and develops tender specifications.

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Room Integrity Testing

Fire extinguishing systems require that the rooms they are protecting are tested for their integrity. This is mandatory as it forms part of the new guide to the national building regulations. The building owner is liable for the integrity test!

Why should I do the test?

Over time leakage points form in enclosures. This can be caused by a variety of factors and general wear and tear. Leakage points can cause your fire extinguishing system to fail. This could cause your equipment or data to be destroyed or worse – injury or loss of life.

If you have not complied with the National Building Regulations, insurance companies may not settle any claims and you could be criminally liable if someone is injured or killed.

Room Integrity testing is a MANDATORY REQUIREMENT and needs to be carried out at least every 12 months.

What are the benefits of AST’s Room Integrity testing service?

  • Cost effective testing and compliance to the standard
  • On site diagnoses of leakage areas
  • Quick response time for repair and re-test (same day).
  • The only proven scientific method of establishing enclosure integrity
  • The test may pay for itself as air conditioning leaks will be identified, resulting in improved equipment cooling and reduced A/C running costs!
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