AST offers comprehensive services like consultations, on site inspections, technical support and commissioning. Our services are performed by experienced specialists.

AST offers comprehensive consultations on fire protection engineering from experienced and qualified specialists.

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Cylinder Delivery
Cylinder Delivery & Collection

To assist customers and complement our range of specialised gaseous fire extinguishing systems, AST offers collection and delivery on its own custom designed cylinder delivery vehicles.

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Fire System Design

AST offers comprehensive system design service with the purchase of our fixed fire extinguishing systems and products. This service includes a consultation with the client to determine the level of protection and detection needed.

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Passive Fire Protection

AST offers comprehensive services for fire stopping and passive sealing of rooms for proper containment of a clean agent gas fire extinguishing systems.

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Pipe & Fittings Kits

All pipework and fittings kits offered by AST are manufactured to the relevant requirements and are fully compliant with the appropriate engineering standards.

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Pyroshield Cylinder Filling Plant

AST’s Pyroshield System has a dedicated cylinder filling plant that offers superior support of installed systems by rapidly refilling customer’s cylinders after a discharge minimizing exposure time without protection.

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Room Integrity Testing

All total flooding gaseous fire extinguishing systems require Room Integrity Testing to ensure correct system performance and compliance. AST offers a comprehensive room integrity test service by certified test technicians.

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System Support

AST has trained specialists dealing with pre & post installation technical queries, programming and commissioning, as well as repair and maintenance of our systems.

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