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Navigating Fire Safety in Data Centers

Navigating Fire Safety in Data Centers: A Comprehensive Guide to Fire Protection Systems

In today’s digital business landscape, data centres are the crucial backbone of operations. As such, protecting them from potential fire hazards becomes a critical priority. However, choosing the optimal fire protection system for a data centre can be a complex endeavour given the specialised nature of the facility and risks involved.

This comprehensive guide examines the various fire protection systems applicable to data centres, providing an in-depth look at the strengths and limitations of each. We’ll also explore why Pyroshield stands out as an ideal solution among the available options.

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An Overview of Fire Protection System Options for Data Centers

With the sensitive electronic equipment and irreplaceable data contained within data centres, fire protection demands a system that is fast-acting yet won’t cause additional equipment damage when extinguishing a blaze.

There are three main options available:

Water-Based Fire Suppression Systems

Water-based fire suppression systems are the most common and cost-effective choice for general fire protection needs. However, the use of water carries major risks for data centres. Water can cause short circuits and corrosion among electronics, resulting in equipment damage and costly repairs or replacement. Water also requires extensive cleanup post-deployment.

Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishing Systems

Dry chemical systems utilise powder-based agents to interrupt the combustion process of a fire. Although effective in fire protection, dry chemicals can contaminate and damage sensitive electronic components. The residue left behind also requires thorough cleanup to prevent equipment issues.

Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems

Clean agent systems use gases or chemical agents that extinguish fires through heat absorption or oxygen displacement. Unlike water and dry chemicals, clean agents do not damage electronics or leave troublesome residue requiring cleanup. This makes them far superior options for data centres.

Several types of clean agent systems exist, each with particular strengths and limitations:

  • Carbon Dioxide: Displaces oxygen but requires high concentrations to be effective. At high levels, it can pose a safety risk to human occupants.
  • FM-200: A chemical agent that interrupts fire at lower concentrations but has been phased out due to environmental concerns.
  • Inert Gases: Natural gases that reduce oxygen levels to prevent reignition or combustion and leave no residue. However, high pressure cylinders take up space.

When it comes to data centre fire protection, Pyroshield stands out as an ideal inert gas-based clean agent system.

Pyroshield: A Premier Fire Extinguishing System for Data Centers

Pyroshield utilises natural gases to reduce oxygen levels from the protected space, making it impossible for the combustion reaction to occur. With decades of proven results, Pyroshield offers a number of key advantages:


Non-toxic and electrically non-conductive agents are safe for sensitive electronics and human occupants.


Leaves no residue or emissions, reducing cleanup costs and downtime.


Suitable for data centres, telecomm facilities, electronics, and occupied spaces.

Environmentally Sustainable

Uses natural gases and does not deplete ozone or have global warming potential.

When considering the many options available, Pyroshield stands out as an optimal fire protection system for data centres due to its safety, quick response, clean deployment and versatility. Protecting your data centre not only means suppressing fires, but doing so with minimal disruption or collateral damage. For this specialised environment, Pyroshield is a clear leader compared to traditional methods.

Developing a Comprehensive Fire Protection Strategy

While a quality extinguishing system is critical, a complete fire safety approach also requires:

  • Early Detection Technologies: Smoke, heat and flame detection solutions.
  • Containment Infrastructure: Fire-rated doors, walls, air filtration.
  • Protocols: Emergency response and evacuation procedures.
  • Testing & Inspection: Ensuring systems function properly.
  • Training: Educating staff on roles and responsibilities.

Partnering with experienced fire protection experts like Pyroshield’s manufacturer ensures you have guidance on a multifaceted protection strategy for your data centre.

Prioritising Safety and Continuity

In data centres, where uptime and data integrity are paramount, fire protection is a necessary investment. With a purpose-built system like Pyroshield and comprehensive protocols, data centres can maximise safety while minimising disruptions and damage from fire events.

To explore options that meet your facility’s unique needs, contact the team of professionals behind the Pyroshield system today. With over 50 years of experience developing specialised fire extinguishing solutions, they are an invaluable partner in data centre fire protection.

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