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Introducing The Pyroshield Universal Actuator

AST is proud to introduce its brand-new development in Pyroshield Systems – the latest pneumatic actuator assembly for the gaseous automatic fixed fire extinguishing range.

The pneumatic actuator assembly is designed to detect and extinguish fires quickly and effectively in a range of environments. With a robust construction and superior performance, AST’s Pyroshield systems are the perfect choice for your business.

What is a Pyroshield Gaseous Total Flooding System?

The Pyroshield System is a Gaseous Clean Agent & Inert, Engineered Total Flooding System that can be used to eliminate a range of fires. This extinguishing system is configured for complete flooding protection against Class A surface burning, Class B combustible liquids, and Class C fires taking place inside an enclosed space by reducing the oxygen level to a level that does not support burning.

Pyroshield Systems are ideal for hazardous environments requiring non-conductive and non-toxic fire extinguishing. This system can be safely used in occupied spaces and has the added advantage of simpler clean up than other fire suppression agents.

The system consists of an extinguishing agent stored in high-strength alloy steel cylinders. Various types of manual or automatic actuators are available to release the agent into the hazard area.

Distribution of the agent in hazardous areas is done through a complex network of pipes and nozzles. Every nozzle has a fixed hole size to ensure a uniform discharge into the area that needs protecting.

For larger risky operations, a specialised manifold assembly is used to connect two or more cylinders. This is done using a flexible discharge bend and check valve assembly which then connects the cylinder(s) to the distribution piping or the manifold.

Installing the Pyroshield Universal Actuator

Easy to install and maintain, the Pyroshield range provides users with a simple user interface and clear instructions. AST’s technical team are also on hand to provide advice and assistance to ensure that customers get the best out of our solutions.

The installation process of pneumatic actuator assembly is straightforward and convenient, resulting in reduced time and cost on refill expenses following a Pyroshield System discharge. This benefits integrators and end users alike.

Designed as a replacement for the Pilot Cylinder Actuator Assembly, the pneumatic actuator is designed to be compatible with most fire suppression system control panels and is powered by a 24Vdc solenoid (other voltages are available upon request).

Pyroshield Features & Benefits

It is essential to conduct room integrity tests to guarantee the proper functioning of all types of gas fire extinguishing systems. Additionally, many insurance companies and fire inspectors require these tests to be done.

AST provides room-integrity testing as well as fire and smoke sealing for new Pyroshield Systems installations. Customers can also benefit from our lifetime of free policy where we offer free hydrostatic pressure testing for the life of the system, we also refill your Pyroshield system in the event of a discharge caused by a fire.

With a range of detectors and extinguishers available, the Pyroshield range can be tailored to suit any size of workplace or business. AST Africa’s range also includes a wide variety of accessories and components, providing users with the flexibility to create a system that meets their specific needs.

AST is committed to providing the highest quality fire detection and extinguishing solutions for businesses of all sizes. With its advanced Pyroshield range, customers can rest assured that their business is protected from fire hazards.

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