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Inert Gas Fire Protection Systems

Inert Gas Systems: Clean, Safe, Superior Fire Protection

In environments containing sensitive equipment or invaluable data, traditional water and chemical fire protection systems carry too much risk of collateral damage. This has led to the growing use of clean agent fire extinguishing using inert gases. 

Inert gas systems extinguish fires rapidly while leaving no residue or harm, making them ideal for specialised facilities.

This article explores the key benefits of inert gas systems in detail and why they are frequently the preferred solution over standard options.

inert gas

How Inert Gas Systems Work

Inert gas fire protection utilises natural gases like nitrogen, argon, or a blend to lower oxygen levels in an enclosed space. Since oxygen is required for the combustion process, this safely extinguishes the fire. The gases are non-toxic and non-conductive.

Advantages Over Traditional Methods

Compared to water and chemical agents, inert gas offers:

  • Increased Safety: Inert gases pose no risk to electronics or people, unlike chemicals. There is no electric conductivity.


  • Less Downtime: Without messy cleanup of residues, facilities can resume operations quickly.


  • Lower Costs: No equipment damage or costly repairs needed from extinguishing agent contact.


  • More Eco-Friendly: Inert gases have no global warming potential or ozone depletion.


  • Reduced Disruption: No issues with soaked or corroded equipment typical of water-based systems.


  • Flexible Applications: Suitable for electronic equipment rooms, telecommunications facilities, data centres and more.


  • Space Savings: Compact cylinders allow installation even in tight spaces.


With only oxygen levels reduced during release, inert gas agents cause no issues to sensitive systems and contents in the protected space. This makes them far superior to standard options in specialised settings like data centres, museums, banks and hospitals.

Pyroshield: Premier Inert Gas Protection

One standout commercial inert gas system is Pyroshield. Utilising a proprietary mix of natural gases, Pyroshield suppresses fire through a “flooding” technique that reduces oxygen levels. Key benefits include:

  • Speed: Reaches design concentration rapidly to suppress fire in seconds.
  • Clean Operation: Leaves absolutely no residue or harm to protected enclosure.
  • Proven Results: Over 50 years protecting critical facilities globally.
  • Non-Corrosive: Causes no damage to electronics, documents, artefacts, etc.
  • Ease of Recharge: System can be restored and operational again swiftly.

Pyroshield represents the ideal solution for an inert gas fire protection system. Its decades of results and highly clean, effective operation make it a premier choice.

Comprehensive Fire Protection Engineering Consultation

While inert gas fire suppression offers superior protection, the design and maintenance of these systems is critical to their performance. Our experienced team of engineers provides complete consultations to ensure you get the maximum value from an inert gas system.

Our fire protection services include:

  • Comprehensive risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities
  • Mitigation strategies through detailed facility design review
  • End-to-end system specifications tailored to your space
  • Installation oversight for proper configuration
  • Testing and inspections for ongoing optimization
  • Annual maintenance for peak operation
  • Forensic fire analysis to improve future response

With our full-scope expertise, we help implement a cost-effective inert gas solution customised to your environment. Our goal is protecting what matters most, with minimal disruption.

Reduce Your Fire Risk and Maximise Preparedness

Don’t leave fire safety to chance. Leverage our decades of engineering experience to analyse, design, install, and maintain an inert gas system for your critical facility.

Contact us today for a free consultation. Discover how our customised inert gas solutions and vigilant maintenance give facilities like yours proven protection. Safeguard your irreplaceable assets and ensure business continuity with the leaders in fire extinguishing systems.

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