Cherished Memories

How Fire Protection Systems Safeguard More Than Just Assets

Preserving Memories: With Fire Protection Systems

Fire protection systems not only safeguard businesses, properties, and assets but also serve as guardians of invaluable memories and irreplaceable data stored within facilities. They ensure crucial layers of protection for these items, shielding them from the devastating effects of fire while enabling innovation, aesthetics, and optimisation of usable space. By effectively detecting and extinguishing fires, fire protection systems play a vital role in not only protecting physical assets but also preserving the memories and histories that are often associated with those assets. Fire protection systems not only provide security for physical assets, but also serve as a safeguard for the rich and irreplaceable memories and data stored within buildings.

This highlights the importance of investing in reliable and well-maintained fire protection systems, as they not only protect tangible but also intangible assets that hold sentimental value or historical significance.


Preserving Archival Spaces: Guardians of History


Cherished Memories


Archival spaces house centuries of human history, preserving documents, manuscripts, artworks, and artifacts that offer insights into our past. Fires pose an existential threat to these repositories of knowledge. However, meticulous fire protection measures, including inert gaseous fire extinguishers like Pyroshield, early detection systems, and fire suppression technologies, act as staunch defenders against such calamities.

Famous libraries, museums, and historical institutions worldwide invest in state-of-the-art fire protection systems to safeguard their collections. The Notre Dame Cathedral fire in 2019 @(Notre Dame cathedral fire is wake-up call for preservationists worldwide, 2019) highlighted the devastating potential of such disasters. Subsequently, numerous institutions doubled down on fire safety measures to ensure the preservation of cultural heritage. The application of fire protection systems in data centres and archival spaces goes beyond just safeguarding assets. These systems also play a critical role in preserving our collective history and knowledge for future generations.


Personal Collections: Cherished Memories

Beyond institutions, individuals cherish personal collections—photographs, letters, heirlooms—that encapsulate cherished memories. Family albums, stored documents, and personal archives hold sentimental value beyond measure. Fire protection systems installed in homes and personal storage spaces provide a crucial layer of defence against unforeseen tragedies.

Consider a scenario where a family loses irreplaceable photographs or personal documents in a house fire. Implementing basic fire safety measures, such as smoke or fire alarm detectors, and fire extinguishers, can significantly mitigate potential losses, preserving the tangible remnants of treasured memories. Fire protection systems play a crucial role in safeguarding both institutional and personal collections, preserving our cultural heritage and cherished memories for future generations.

Preserving More Than Material Possessions

Fire protection systems are crucial for safeguarding our collective heritage, memories, and information in various spaces such as data centres, archival areas, or residential buildings. These systems play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety of what is often irreplaceable. Furthermore, fire protection systems not only protect physical assets but also help prevent the loss of intangible cultural and historical value.

Alien Systems & Technologies has been supplying high quality, fire protection for nearly 25 years. We have a multi layered approach to the protection against fire available, starting with the Cirrus HYBRID – the only aspirating detector offered that can identify optically invisible fire particles through utilising the two of the most effective methods of aspirating system technologies (Cloud Chamber Detection and Early Warning Smoke Detection). These systems system work both independently from each other and by using complex algorithms they also interact together, to provide true intelligent alarm decision making.  The Whisp-air™️ silencer, which makes use of a full-flow design,  interposing sound waves, multiple-stage velocity deceleration amongst other unique design features to help reduce the risk damage to sound sensitive valuables when a fire extinguishing system is activated. Finally – Pyroshield is a fire extinguishing system which makes use of a blend of inert gases to lower to oxygen level is an area to a point where combustion can no longer be maintained. The gas used is environmentally friendly, has on effect on the ozone layer and is safe for human contact.

Efficient and effective Fire protection systems are essential for safeguarding more than just businesses and assets. For building occupants’ safety, it is crucial to take measures to prevent the spread of fires at the earliest stage, routine upgrading work has also helped reduce fire risks in historic buildings, data centres, mines etc by controlling fire outbreaks and improving detection systems. In addition to ensuring the safety of individuals within these properties, it is imperative to maintain their integrity through sensitive preservation efforts against potential damage from fires or protective measures implemented.

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