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AST offers a wide range of fixed fire suppression systems, which include our award winning clean agent gaseous, aerosol, impulse dry powder and mounted rack fire suppression systems.

Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems

AST offers a range of gaseous, aerosol, impulse dry powder and mounted fire detection and extinguishing systems. These systems have a proven track record in effective and efficient fire protection.

Inert Gaseous Clean Agent Engineered Total Flooding System

Manufactured in South Africa and in other parts of the globe, Pyroshield is a cost effective fully approved gaseous fire extinguishing system that has a proven track record in protecting key assets against the risk of fire. Pyroshield is an environmentally friendly solution that has no adverse effects against human and equipment.

Aerosol Fire Extinguishing System

Developed from space technology, Pyrogen is designed to protect a variety of switchgear cabinets including HT/LT switchgear as well as protect MCC & VSD cabinets. This inert non toxic solid remains stable until it is electrically or thermally activated whereupon it discharges its fire extinguishing medium.

When activated it will produce a gas-like extinguishing aerosol that will attack the fire chemically and physically. This ensures almost instant extinguishing of a fire and prevents re-ignition whilst providing a potent cooling effect.

Pyrostorm Demo Video

Industrial Impulse Dry Powder Fire Extinguishing System

PyroStorm is a range of impulse dry, modular type fire extinguishing units designed for industrial applications. They can be used alone or configured in a system with AST’s voltage free Heat Activation Device (HAD), to provide reliable electrical activation via temperature sensing without the use of batteries or electrical supply.

These non-pressurised units are the most cost-effective powder-type automatic fire extinguishing units available on the market. They are hermetically sealed, preventing any contamination by dust or water of the FUREX ABC extinguishing powder contained in the unit. In normal applications PyroStorm units are maintenance free for up to ten years.

19″ 2U Rack Mounted Fire Detection and Extinguishing Unit

PYRORACK is a fully automatic self-contained fire extinguishing system. Designed specifically for 19″ Racking Systems, it detects fires using the coincidence detection method and extinguishes the fire in less than 10 seconds after activation.

The use of the PYRORACK in cabinets ensures that the equipment is being protected close to the potential source of the risk, detecting the fire at an early stage. This eliminates the necessity to discharge large and costly amounts of fire extinguishant.

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