Linear Heat Detection

Analogue Linear Heat Sensing Cable

The analogue Linear Heat Sensing Cable is a state-of-the-art analogue linear heat detection unit delivering exceptional performance and reliability. It is designed to interface between a standard fire alarm panel or addressable module. The interface unit monitors specially doped polymers within the sensor cable whose resistance changes with temperature.

An abnormal change in resistance along the analogue heat detection cable triggers either a PREALARM or ALARM on the interface module and corresponding initiating zone on a fire alarm control panel.

Digital Linear Heat Sensing Cable

The Digital Linear Heat Sensing Cable offers high quality and rapid response to abnormal heat sources associated with a fire. This line type heat sensing mechanism provides a uniform temperature sensor close to where the fire could occur. With this UL listed cable you can expect very high performance and reliability with the added options to guard against UV, chemical exposure and mechanical damage.

Linear Heat Detection

Digital Interface Monitor Module

The Digital Interface Monitor Module is designed to work with AST’s Digital Linear Heat Detection cable systems. It provides an almost pin-point location of the hot spot along the length of the sensing cable. This information is displayed on the unit and is also automatically transmitted to Scada type systems a modbus output. It is developed to monitor up to 2 zones of fire detection cable at any given time off a single interface module which provides vast coverage of fire detection.

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