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Conventional Fire Control Systems

Conventional Fire Control Systems

Sigma ZXT

The Sigma ZXT Extinguishant Control Panel is the latest in a suite of conventional fire control panels released by AST. It has been carefully selected to be used with Pyroshield® Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Systems.

Sigma ZXT provides controls and indicators for single area extinguishing release systems. This extinguishing control panel provides a log of all events which occur on the control panel from alarms, faults, disablements and activations. Optional multiple gas area panels are available.

Sigma XT

The industry leading Sigma XT Extinguishant Releasing Panel, offers outstanding value and performance for all small to medium fixed fire suppression installations. Sigma XT panels are both robust and easy to install having all the electronics mounted on a single, easily removable, steel plate. Optional multiple gas area panels are available.

Sigma CP

The Sigma CP range of conventional fire control panels are designed for the most demanding of conventional fire detection and alarm system applications. Easy to install, the Sigma CP is available with two, four or eight detection zones in standard or installation saving, ‘two wire’ versions. The extensive range of configuration features available ensure suitability for new installations or panel replacements on older systems.


Pyrosense3 is a new generation industrial extinguishant releasing panel which is highly immune to ‘electrical noise’, typical of industrial locations. The simple, programmable configuration options and easy to install construction make the Pyrosense3 panel the ideal choice for small to medium sized systems using all extinguishing agents.

3000PLUS Series of Conventional Fire Detectors

The detectors form a range of elegantly designed, aesthetic, low profile detectors which blend unobtrusively into modern working environments. All detectors incorporate a discreet anti-tamper security latch and latching ‘FIRE LED’ indicator with the facility to activate a remote indicator unit. All detectors are interchangeable with a variety of base options. This series of detectors offers optical smoke detectors, fast and medium response heat detectors and optical smoke & heat multi criteria detectors.

Conventional Manual Callpoints

Used in the event of a fire the simple to install range of conventional manual call points is compatible with AST’s range of conventional fire alarm panels. It is available in two versions the indoor and outdoor weatherproof callpoints. The flush or surface mounted, IP24D indoor option is best suited to commercial applications. The IP65 rated weatherproof variant is more suited to industrial applications including warehouses and factories.


The ASTrobe sounder/strobe unit combines the excellent audible quality of the ASTounder with a wide angle lens offering complete frontal & lateral visual indication of an alarm. It comes as a low profile aesthetic design that is suitable for nearly all areas. It uses the same IP65 base configurations with the same wiring benefits as the ASTounder – thus giving duplicity and interchangeability across the AST electronic signaling range.


The ASTounder is an audible alarm indicator. Compliant with all the latest sound patterns used throughout the world, complete with low profile dimensions and pleasing aesthetic design, the ASTounder offers a host of features. These include flexibility, with two mounting base options, excellent resistance to moisture and dust ingress and a four position volume control allowing for precise volume matching between sounders.

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