AST has a wide range of advanced smoke and fire detection systems that are cost effective and suitable to be used in even the most prestigious buildings.
Addressable Fire Control Systems

View our range of ‘intelligent’ fire control systems which utilise advanced algorithms for maximum reliability in their immunity to false alarms. Converged Voice Evacuation available.

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Fire Detection
Aspirating Very Early Warning Detectors

AST offers a range of aspirating air sampling detectors that can sense fire pre-smoke or at the earliest signs of smoke whilst offering solutions that are completely impervious to false alarms that plague optical only sensing methods. AST also offers aspirating sampling pipes and fittings.

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Conventional Fire Control Systems

We have a wide variety of elegantly designed conventional fire control systems. These include easy to install detectors, manual callpoints and alarms, extinguishant control panels, remote gas control and status units.

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Talking Sounder Evacuation Systems
Converged Voice Evacuation

Our range of voice evacuation systems are designed and assembled following the latest safety standards.

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Evacuation Personal Protective Equipment

We also offer efficient, easy to wear personal protective equipment.

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Linear Heat Detection

AST offers Linear Heat detection cables which are designed to sense heat or sudden increases in temperature anywhere along their entire length. This system can also be used to detect fires on conveyor belts, moving machines, escalators, parking lots and fuel depots to name a few.

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Special Conveyor Belt and Moving Fire Detection Systems

PyroScan3 fire detector for conveyors, is specifically designed and manufactured to protect areas where the movement of material with a fire potential occurs routinely or the transport mechanism is susceptible to fire.

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