AST Africa introduces Whisp-Air, Certificate of conformity

Certificate of conformity

Did you know that you now need a certificate of conformity for gaseous fire extinguishing system installations? These certificates are, in fact, a legal requirement and an inspection report cannot be presented in place of one.

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1993 Section 44: Pressure Equipment Regulations (2009): it is mandatory that all gaseous fire extinguishing systems shall carry a Certificate of Conformity upon installation, modification, alteration or change of ownership. As per the PER Regulation 17, it shall be issued by an authorised person or authorised inspection authority.

An authorised person would be one that is registered as a Gas Practitioner under the SAQCC-GAS Certification Scheme. Visit to find out more.

It is important to note that before it can be issued there must be a review of the gaseous fire extinguishing system design, a review on site of the installation and a report if non-compliance is found. Should all be in order, the authorised inspection authority will issue a certificate of conformity as per the necessary legal requirements.

Certificate of conformity in AST:

Alien Systems & Technologies can assist to ensure that you have an SAQCC registered Gas Practitioner reviewing your gaseous fire extinguishing system, and issuing the certificate of conformity.

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