We Provide the Best in Fire Detection and Extinguishing Technology

AST offers a variety of product and service options to suit your requirements and meet your budget, ensuring you have the best fire detection and extinguishing technology at your disposal.

Alien Systems & Technologies

AST customers benefit from the highest quality products, superior service and industry-leading expertise.

Fire System

AST offers comprehensive fire system designs by industry experts.

Room Integrity Testing

All total flooding gaseous fire extinguishing systems require that protected rooms are tested for their enclosure integrity.

Advising & Consulting

From Grippen Fighter Jets to large data centres and mining, AST offers advice on all aspects of Fire Protection.


We offer technical support in order to help facilitate seamless activation and operation of our products.

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Protect People and Assets With Cutting Edge Fire Protection Technology

Business and personal assets are typically of high value or importance and for this reason AST offers the ultimate in fire protection technology. We work with clients, system integrators and engineering consultants to ensure fire systems are properly designed, operational and maintained in order to detect and eliminate fires to save lives and property.

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Our Accreditations

All our products are precision engineered to ensure that they exceed customer expectations.


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