Services Offered

AST offers a variety of services to compliment our extensive product range. Services include consultation, training, design and room integrity testing.

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Room Integrity Testing

Fire extinguishing systems require that the rooms they are protecting are tested for their integrity. This is mandatory as it forms part of the new guide to the national building regulations. The building owner is liable for the integrity test!

Why should I do the test?

Over time leakage points form in enclosures. This can be caused by a variety of factors and general wear and tear. Leakage points can cause your fire extinguishing system to fail. This could cause your equipment or data to be destroyed or worse – injury or loss of life.

If you have not complied with the National Building Regulations, insurance companies may not settle any claims and you could be criminally liable if someone is injured or killed.

Room Integrity testing is a MANDATORY REQUIREMENT and needs to be carried out at least every 12 months.

What are the benefits of AST’s Room Integrity testing service?

Education and Training

AST offers key education and training inputs to the South African Fire Engineering Industry.

In the past, Mike Wilkinson has lectured on behalf on the Fire Protection Association and the Fire Detection Installers Association for CO2 Fire Extinguishing Standard SANS 306-4 and the Fire Detection Standard SANS 10139 respectively.

Both Paul Wright and Mike Wilkinson have had key input into finalising the Unit Standards for Fire Detection, CO2 Gaseous Extinguishing, Clean Agent Inert Gaseous Extinguishing on behalf of the Engineering Council of South Africa Standards Generating Group.


Both Paul Wright and Mike Wilkinson are qualified to offer consultation on all aspects of Fire Engineering.

According The Institution of Fire Engineering, based in the United Kingdom, Fire Engineering is the application of scientific and engineering principles, rules [Codes], and expert judgement, based on an understanding of the phenomena and effects of fire and of the reaction and behaviour of people to fire, to protect people, property and the environment from the destructive effects of fire.

These objectives will be achieved by a variety of means including such activities as:

AST is able to offer comprehensive consultations from two of the leading minds in South African fire engineering. For more information contact

Fire System Design

AST offers a comprehensive system design service with the purchase of our fixed fire extinguishing systems and products.

This service includes a consultation with the client to determine the level of protection and detection needed. AST also ensures the system is designed to meet the insurance company’s specifications and requirements.

AST’s qualified fire and mechanical engineers will then design the system, provide build layouts, schematic drawings and write the tender specifications.

Engineering staff are registered with ECSA (Engineering Council of South Africa) to perform the necessary tasks and certified by SACGA (South African Compressed Gas Association) as industrial level designers for persons designing fixed fire extinguishing systems.

Specialised Cylinder Collection  and Delivery Vehicle

To assist installers and complement our range of specialised gaseous fire extinguishing products AST can provide collection and delivery of pressurised gas cylinders on its own custom designed delivery vehicle. The vehicle transports gas cylinders safely, in an upright position, in accordance with road transport requirements.

The vehicle is equipped with a rear hydraulic lift platform so as to make collections and deliveries safe and efficient, with minimal on-site intervention or cranage.